Designing a beautiful, easy to navigate website is a step in the right direction when it comes to optimizing for search engine traffic.  But if your site isn’t designed with an eye towards converting the traffic you generate, either organically or via SEO campaigns, into customers or prospects, you risk negating much of the time and effort spent in site design.  Below are 5 tips that can help you turn traffic into conversions.

 1)      Contact info.  Ultimately, your site is there to help bring you customers and sales.  If your contact info is difficult to find or doesn’t include an easy way to reach you, such as a phone number as well as an email address, it defeats the purpose of having a great site in the first place.

2)      Social proof.  People feel more comfortable when they are doing things that other people do.  This is just human nature, but it is a powerful tool that can be used in the sales process as well.  Use testimonials from satisfied customers to help motivate your prospects to buy from you.  Include pictures and video as well of your satisfied customers when possible –use a well-known spokesperson(s) or endorser(s) if available.

3)      Display your calls to action prominently.  In addition to providing your contact info, you may have specific products or services you’d like to offer your visitors via your website.  If this is the case, design the conversion mechanism (which could be a button or link to click on, an online form to complete, or something similar) so that it stands out on the page, making it easy to find.  To do this you may want to use different colors or vary the formatting of your call to action by using italics or alternate fonts to provide contrast.

4)      Use a landing page when appropriate.  For products and services with a more elaborate sales cycle, the use of a landing page can help increase your conversions.  This is typically a static page either attached to or separate from your website which is focused strictly on selling a specific product (or sometimes a few specific products).  The benefit to such an approach is that it eliminates the risk that prospects who visit your main page in response to a campaign will get lost in the wealth of information there and be too distracted to complete the conversion cycle. 

5)      Optimize your site for mobile viewing.  With the number of searches being conducted through mobile platforms growing rapidly, it makes sense to address this market by taking care that mobile viewers will be able to see all of your site and not just portions of it.  This may require designing a separate mobile version of your site, or just making sure that your title tags and other such content are not so long that they can’t be seen on mobile screens.


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