Content marketing and a broad-based SEO Campaign are a powerful combination when it comes to improving your site’s rankings.  Creating well-written content that your target audience actually wants to read will rank well in search engines and also is key to establishing and then retaining a strong online presence.


1)      Focus on high quality content to build backlinks and traffic organically.  While top notch content has always been valuable in a content marketing campaign, a quantity approach, involving numerous posts on a variety of sites regardless of ranking to maximize backlinks, can be effective.  Taking the time and effort to produce quality content is more important than ever.  The benefits of this are twofold, in the form of unsolicited, natural links and organic repeat visits to your site, both of which are attractive to the search engines.

2)      Utilize social media to propagate your content.  Social signals such as Facebook likes, +1s on Google+, tweets and the like are increasingly looked upon with favor by search engine algorithms.  A comprehensive content marketing campaign will make sure to use social media platforms to notify customers, prospects, and other interested parties of the availability of your content, and, if the content is good, be rewarded via increased traffic and social feedback as a result.

3)      Guest post strategically.  Guest posting can still be a powerful way to get the word out about your products and services, but it should be approached carefully to avoid backlinks from sites which rank poorly with the search engines.  These are typically sites which feature numerous spammy links, often to other sites in altogether different industries.  Look to guest post on authority sites in your industry where possible.  Check page rankings to see where a site ranks before approaching its webmaster about guest posting. 

4)      Use keywords judiciously.  Over time, search engine algorithms have moved in the direction of penalizing spammy keyword usage, to weed out sites attempting to game the system without necessarily providing much content of real value.  That being said, low density keyword usage can still be valuable in your content marketing campaigns.  Try to keep your long tail keywords in your subheadings, and when you do place them in the body of your content make sure that they feel natural and flow with the content without seeming forced.

5)      Incorporate rich media.  Rich media such as images, infographics, and videos should be a key component of any marketing campaign.  No matter how well written your blogs or articles, a well-chosen image can spice them up and help keep a reader’s interest.  There’s no need to overdo it and risk overshadowing your message with a jumble of images or other media, but try to add at least a photo or graph or two to your content where appropriate.


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