It’s no secret that running an effective PPC campaign can lead to solid SEO performance. What most people don’t know is how to do this without wasting time and resources.  The answer is to use the conversion tracking tool to make sure that the keywords you have selected are providing you with conversions and not just increased traffic.

Conversion Tracking Tool

Most SEO firms can help you select a batch of likely “buying” keywords; but unless you’re tracking and monitoring those keywords for performance it’s hard know what adjustments, if any, need to be made to improve the results of your campaign.  Most of the companies we work with are already utilizing Google AdWords, but very few of them have enabled conversion tracking –this is one of the most powerful tools available for tracking the performance of your keywords. Once you set it up and have a list of keywords that convert, those are your “golden keywords” to creating a solid SEO Campaign.

Setting It Up

This is a relatively simple tool to enable; simply navigate to the conversion tracking tab within AdWords.  Google will provide you with a code to embed on your “thank you” page, which is typically the page a visitor sees after they submit their information on your website. Once this is set up, you’ll be able to see the detailed conversion results for each of your tracking keywords.  This is valuable data, which will allow the long term SEO efforts to pay off. 

Putting it to Work

As it turns out, you’ll typically find that 80% or so of the keywords you bid on are converting poorly or not at all, while there are a core group of perhaps 10-12 buying keywords that actually convert.  Once you have enabled the conversion tracking code and determined which set of keywords actually convert, you should then select those keywords for your Search Engine Optimization campaign. 

Taking this small but crucial step should all but guarantee a new flow of business once your site gets ranked for the keywords you have decided to target.This will create a long-term effect for your online positioning. A final tip is that, once you’ve set up conversion tracking, when you decide to sign up with an SEO company, be sure to provide them with your top performing keywords. 

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